Saturday, September 29, 2012

Welcome, Class of '63!

Do you remember the years we spent within her halls?
Do you remember the friendships and the homecomings and the balls?

Do you remember when the earth shook and the walls trembled and moved? Do you recall the year our team was called "the Cinderella team" because we fought so hard to turn the season around, and went to State?  Do you remember the assemblies we worked so hard on...the class plays we enjoyed?  The dances and the celebrations...and the sadness of losing classmates?

You must know that our Alma Mater is being torn down next summer to make way for the parking lot of the newer, "better" Granger High School, now under construction?  The new, huge, "earthquake resistant" school? (It only took them 51 years to decide to do that...LOL!)

Well, coming in June 2013, our class of '63 50th reunion will bid farewell and adieu to our "old" Alma Mater, so please plan on attending and rubbing elbows with our wide-flung member base.  It seems that the older we get (but of course, I am still just 39...have been 39 since 1984) the further we tend to wander from the old stomping grounds.  I know that so many of us have moved on to raise families, change jobs, and see the world.  But this is 

The BIG 50!  The Biggest Reunion of all reunions!  

Some of us have been fortunate enough to maintain our friendships from High School and college...some of us have maintained those relationships throughout the years.  Others of us have lost track of and gotten out of touch with those old friends...and some (like moi) have slipped through the cracks and been lost to the rest of us.

For many of you, this will be just one of many reunions you have had the pleasure of attending...but for me and others, this will be our FIRST. I want this to be the biggest and most memorable reunion in the history of Granger High School. I want...  

Sigh.  Let me rephrase that.  I just want this to be as good as the others have been, and I want all those who have silently slipped through the cracks of history to climb back out and come join us for the biggest, best, (and ONLY) 50th reunion we will ever have.

Many of us have joined online sites like in order to reconnect with friends and classmates.  Others have tried to find the GHS alum association by clicking links online, and have found any number of online site purporting to be the REAL, one-and-only Granger High School alumni association.  And we have paid money to join, only to find out that we had joined another "pseudo-association" geared to make money by pretending to be the genuine article.

So when I, too, paid money to join those pseudo sites, I made the most of it by posting a 50th reunion notice, hoping to find other class members who also want to join the fun. And the results were startling.  There were many of us doing exactly the same kind of search...and we got together and have shared e-mails and so on to stay in contact.

So let's make it simple.  The official e-mail address for those who want to contact us about the GHS Class of '63 50th reunion is here:

Over the next few weeks our reunion committee will be formed, plans will be made, and decisions will be made on how to make this the best reunion possible.  We would love to hear from you! We would love to have your help. But mostly, we would love to have you come to the reunion (which is posted on  The tentative date and place are:

Saturday June 1, 2013


NOTE:  The date is still being worked out.
Some alumni have stated that they will be unable to attend at the end of May because of graduations of grandkids, etc. so perhaps a couple of weeks earlier would work better? But if we want to hold this in the OLD GHS we must do so before the first week of June. It will be leveled at that time.
Please contact me direct at the reunion e-mail address shown above if you are not a Gold member of I will be posting updates here, and some fun stories from our school days, and I really want your stories and ideas, and I welcome volunteers to help out.  I also want pictures and other memorabilia.  Most of our yearbooks are happily tracked up with autographs and signatures, so many of the class photos available to me are written on or have mustaches drawn on them by those who didn't want their faces to be seen, thinking they were ugly or dumb-looking...chuckling. I WISH I still looked even half as good now as I looked back then.  How much clearer we see in hindsight...

Our reunion Facebook page is up and running.

So please e-mail me, and let's plan to have some fun.  

Hugs to all....

Frances Romney
Class of '63 50th Reunion Organizer