Monday, June 10, 2013

The GHS Class of 1963 Memory Book...

So many of you said that you wanted a memory book...
But only 32 of you turned in your memory book questionnaires at the reunion.  A number of you said that you would return the questionnaires after you had time to fill them out...but so far, I have not received any of those missing questionnaires.  It looks like all the work that I have put into scanning our class photos from the year book has gone to waste.  Sigh...

The entire point of a reunion memory book is to include everyone who attended, and to add "now" photos along with the class yearbook pics. 

Unfortunately, I was not able to get those "now" photos because I was so busy at the reunion.  I only got about a dozen.  Those who had their cameras, iPods, tablets, and cell phones were taking loads of photos, but no one has sent them on to me.  It seems like now that it is over, it is forgotten...and I can't do this without your help.

If you truly want a class of '63 memory book, please take the time to complete those questionnaires, get them back to me by snail mail or e-mail, and send me any photos you took at the reunion so that I can get the book put together.

Since some of you say you never got the questionnaire that was given to all class members, I have put both pages here.  Print this out and complete it and mail it in by June 30th.  (Please do not answer online.


Memory Book Questionnaire

Name: _________________________________________________________________
                            (Your name in the yearbooks)

Spouse name/married name: _____________________________________________

Number of kids: _________   Number of grandkids: _________

Number of great-grandkids: _________   Great-great grandkids? ___________

Military service? ______________   Branch: _____________________

Address:  _______________________________________________________________
                                     (this will not be made public. This is for our class records.)

E-mail:  ___________________________________   Phone: (____) - _____________

Occupation(s) since High School:  (Military, public service, elected official, CEO, author, teacher, or? etc.)




Special achievements (besides living to attend this reunion): __________________________


How many places have you lived? _________________________________________

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? ______________


Favorite book: ______________________ Favorite song: ______________________

Favorite movie: _____________________ Favorite sport: _____________________

What is the funniest/silliest thing that ever happened to you?_________________


What is your best memory from school? ____________________________________


What teams/clubs/organizations were you in at GHS? _______________________



Favorite teacher(s)? ______________________________________________________

Favorite subject(s)? ______________________________________________________

What was your high school “talent”? (e.g. singing, dancing, playing instrument, writing, art, theater, sports, skipping class?)


What was the “nickname” your pals called you? ____________________________

What is your favorite saying/quote? ______________________________________


What are your current hobbies/interests? __________________________________


Thank you for participating. A portion of this information (except for contact info) will be incorporated into our reunion memory book that will be made available soon.  Purchase of the memory book is optional. Add any comments below:



Saturday, June 1, 2013

It was a day and night to remember...

The day started with a walk-through of the old GHS and a look-see at the brand new building, scheduled to begin classes this fall.
We met at the doors one last time for a peek inside the grand old lady.  We wandered her halls and then walked across the north parking lot to walk through the state-of-the-art new facility. The new school was a wonder to behold.

They had dismantled the glass case holding the Lancer armor, to ready it for moving to the new location. He looked a bit forlorn standing on a dolly, awaiting his fate like the brave, stoic symbol he stands for.

Next week, the interior of the old school will begin to be torn out, and later, in August, demolition of the outer shell will begin.  It was a day of mixed emotions for many of us.

Later in the afternoon, we came together at the Hampton Inn In Salt Lake City to celebrate the fact that we, the Class of 1963, survived to see and attend our 50th reunion.  We had expected to have 74.  We were thrilled when nearly 90 arrived to help us celebrate.  It was great to see so many familiar, wonderful faces. We were unable to get a formal reunion photo like they did in 2008. This was the class photo from the 45th reunion...

But we had loads of cameras, i-Pads, Notebooks, and cell phones in the house, and we will share the photos everyone took on this website in a week or so. We will update this site with new pics, more info, and we will let everyone know when the memory book from the 2013 50th reunion is available.

Frances Romney

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Meet us at GHS at 8:45 a.m. on Saturday...

We will meet at the main doors for the walk through

If you are late, you can still walk through and maybe find our group.  Since the school decided to allow everyone who wants to come and walk through in, we can meander around all we want.  They will also let us see some finished areas of the new GHS but be prepared for a bit of walking, since the school takes up a two-block area.

Don't forget to bring your cameras.  

We had hoped to go out for brunch at a local restaurant after the tour, but no one asked about that idea, and so we will simply go where we want to go to eat afterward, but not as a large group.  There are some decent-sized restaurants open in the area, including The Village Inn, Dees, the Golden Corral, etc.  There is a Sizzler on 3450 South and Redwood Road, too.

If you need details, contact me.

Frances Romney


Monday, May 20, 2013

Here are the Class of 1963 folks who attended...

If you want to add your name, contact me immediately!

Anderson, Coralie (Ripplinger) and Leon

Aston, Lona (Bess)

Bangerter, Lee Ann (Lorenzon) and Richard

Berrett, Bob and Maryanne

Boynton, Jim and Norma

Bradshaw, Carol (Robinson) and Neal

Brown, Carl

Cabrera, Jesse

Cannon, Leslie and Anne

Carroll, Sunny

Casebolt, Carol (Swensen) and David

Christensen, Donald and Necia

Curley, JoAnn (Nazarenus)

Dearing, Barbara (Bawden) and Darrell

DeSpain, Gary and Shirley  

Engstrum, Rick and Kathy

Floto, Dennis  

Hales, Jack (John) and Cheri 

Hoskisson, Cyndy (Smith) and Mike  

Inkley, Judith (Beatie) and Patrick
Jones, Charlene (Edmunds) and James

Jones, Valgean (Raddon) and William

Lee, Linda (Rasmussen) and VB

Mackay, Darrell and Mary

Martens, Bob

Martin, Diane (Gatherum) and Will
Mayne, Karen

McDonnell, Kitty (Miya) and Carl

Meister, Geesje (Stevens)

Montano, Tony

Nay, Jonny and Ida

Neilson, Ronald C.

Osborne, David 

Parry, Robert and Eva 

Paulk, John and Susan  

Phillips, Brent and Debbie

Roberts, David and Melba Romney, Frances
Shakespeare, Judy (Davis) and Ralph

Sizemore, Connie (Andrews)

Smith, Larry  

Slaymaker, Sharon (Todd)

Solomon, Susan (Frei) 

Stevens, Dennis and Geesje

Taylor, Sharon (Christensen) and Joe

Turpin, Larry

Wiley, Bill and Verlene

Withers, Marilynn (Smith) and Max 

Woodbrey, Michael

Workman, Barbara (Cheney)

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Directions to the event...

Directions to the Hampton Inn on Admiral Byrd Road

The main cross streets/roads are:  Drive West from downtown Salt Lake (or the SLC Airport) on I-80 westbound, exit on 5600 West. Turn  right (going North) on 5600 West then turn right (going East) on Amelia Earhart Drive.  Turn right (going South) on Admiral Byrd Road.  The Hampton Inn is on the right side of the road.

See you there!

Friday, April 12, 2013


If you are as excited about our 50th reunion as we are...

Please make sure that you mail your checks and money orders to the reunion treasurer no later than May 10th, so that I can get them into the bank before May 15th.  Full information on how to pay is below, so please scroll down this page until you get to the part where it says "How to pay..."

Since we must pay for the hotel and meals two weeks in advance of the event, your friendly reunion committee needs you to get your payments in as soon as possible.
So take a few moments now to get that payment in the mail.  Help us make this the biggest and best reunion ever!


Frances Romney
Reunion Treasurer   

Monday, March 25, 2013

Activities scheduled for our 50th

Here is the complete picture...

Many of us have attended prior reunions but this one promises to be the biggest and best of all.  So you will have an idea of what you can enjoy, here is the schedule of events.

Friday May 31, 2013:
7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. in the Hampton Inn Restaurant, 307 N. Admiral Byrd Road, Salt Lake City UT 84116 
(casual dress)
A pre-reunion mix and mingle for everyone to come and enjoy. The hotel will have wines and mixed drinks as well as soft drinks, coffee and tea for guests to purchase and enjoy. We will provide light snacks and good conversation. This is a chance for you to check out the hotel, enjoy good friends and conversation with people you may not have seen in 50 years or so.

There is no charge to attend, but we pay for our own drinks. The Hampton Inn is allowing us the use of their restaurant as an exclusive service to all GHS class members. The restaurant will be closed to the public.

So if you are worried that you'll come and not know anybody there, don't fret it...we will introduce ourselves and by the time you go to sleep, you should have renewed a number of school relationships.

Saturday June 1, 2013:

9:00 a.m. tour of the old Granger High School building before she goes under the wrecking ball the following week. We will gather at the old school at 8:45 a.m. and we will do a walk through tour of the old school, and then take a short tour of the brand new building next door. Be sure to bring your cameras! This is the last time anyone will be walking her halls... *UPDATE: After we asked for this one last tour, the school decided to do an open house for everyone to come and visit the old school as well as the new school, so we will do our walk through early to avoid any possible crowding. If you can't make it at 9:00 a.m. you can come anytime between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. (But don't be late for the reunion at 4:00!)

11:00 a.m. Those who wish to join us can have a casual brunch/early lunch at a local restaurant to spend another hour or so reminiscing with friends we rediscovered. Transportation to and from the school tour for those who flew into town from elsewhere can be arranged.  NOTE:  Each person will buy his or her own meal. This is not a part of the reunion, simply another opportunity to chat with old friends.

3:30 p.m. (business casual) Arrival and sign in for the reunion celebration in lobby outside the Hampton Inn ballrooms.  When you have turned in your tickets and have gotten your name tags you may join the social hour inside the ballroom. There will be a bar set up. The hotel will provide ice water throughout the evening. Soft drinks will be available during the social hour, as well.  The top hits of 1961, 1962, and 1963 will be playing in the background as everyone enjoys meeting old pals and greeting new ones.  Those who have chosen to pay at the door will be issued name tags.  Please note: If you wait to pay at the door, there may not be a meal reserved for you, so pay in advance to assure your meal, or contact Frances Romney for special consideration.

5:00 p.m. The party officially begins. Guests will be seated. Drawings, entertainment, and prizes will happen randomly until the buffet starts. 

6:00 p.m. The buffet will begin. More fun and surprises will be going on throughout the evening.

8:00 p.m.  Social hour and wind-down. We have the place until 10:00 p.m. We can order drinks from the restaurant or lounge until we close the place down. 

I suggest that everyone coming should bring a notebook and pen so that people can exchange contact info.  I also ask that those attending bring "THEN" photos that they would want added to the 50th reunion "memory book" that will be made available within a short time after the reunion. If you do not have any old photos, we will use the photos from the 1963 yearbook. You will be able to purchase the book from the publisher. I will be taking "NOW" photos at the reunion. Those who wish to have me put a bio with their pictures will be asked to complete a short bio questionnaire mailed out with the tickets, or available at the door.

Information about how to pay for your tickets is in the earlier post below.  Save money by paying in advance for yourself and spouse/guest.  Those who pay at the door will pay full price ($40) for both class member and guests. 

Please do try to pay in advance.  Payments should reach us by May 25, 2013.  Paying in advance also lets us tell the hotel how many are expected for the buffet.

Thanks so much!  Please scroll down this page for payment info.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How to pay to attend...

Granger High School
Class of 1963
50th reunion
 Date: Saturday June 1, 2013

Place: The Hampton Inn
307 N. Admiral Byrd Road
Salt Lake City UT 84116
(There is plenty of free parking!)
Time: 4:00 p.m to 9:00 ? p.m.

Admission in advance of event:
 $40.00 per class member
       $30.00 per guest
(Payment in advance must be mailed by May 10th in order to be banked by May 15, 2013)
Admission at the door:
$40.00 per attendee
(Cash only at the door, please)
Since we must pay any remaining hotel bill before we leave, we will not be able to accept checks at the door.  Thanks for your understanding. 
How to Pay:
 Attendees may send checks/money orders made out to:
Frances Romney
P O Box 702124
Salt Lake City UT 84170
Please do not send cash.
 You may use your credit card or bank account to pay
via PayPal at:
Send your payment to:
The small print:
If you use PayPal, please add $2.40 to your total to help cover the cost of using this service. 
Please make sure you annotate on your check, money order, or PayPal payment that you are paying for (___) admissions to "GHS Class of '63 50th reunion".
If you mail your payment, please include the full names of those who will be attending and an e-mail address and phone number, as well as your mailing address.
You will receive a confirmation by e-mail (or snail mail if you do not have e-mail).
If you use PayPal, I will contact you by phone to get your other information.
For more information, or to RSVP contact:
Frances Romney - 1-801-560-6288
Rick Engstrum1-702-254-9215
            Bob Berrett – 1-801-403-3644
            JoAnn Curley Nazarenus – 1-408-497-7364

 Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Reunion update! date and place for our 50th Class reunion!

June 1 2013
4:00 p.m. ~ 10:00 p.m.

Hampton Inn
307 North Admiral Byrd Road
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84116

TEL: 1-801-530-0088

The hotel has rooms available at a special price for the event if you are coming from out of the area.  If you call to make reservations, please tell them that you will be attending the GHS 50th Reunion.