Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Meet us at GHS at 8:45 a.m. on Saturday...

We will meet at the main doors for the walk through

If you are late, you can still walk through and maybe find our group.  Since the school decided to allow everyone who wants to come and walk through in, we can meander around all we want.  They will also let us see some finished areas of the new GHS but be prepared for a bit of walking, since the school takes up a two-block area.

Don't forget to bring your cameras.  

We had hoped to go out for brunch at a local restaurant after the tour, but no one asked about that idea, and so we will simply go where we want to go to eat afterward, but not as a large group.  There are some decent-sized restaurants open in the area, including The Village Inn, Dees, the Golden Corral, etc.  There is a Sizzler on 3450 South and Redwood Road, too.

If you need details, contact me.

Frances Romney


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