Saturday, June 1, 2013

It was a day and night to remember...

The day started with a walk-through of the old GHS and a look-see at the brand new building, scheduled to begin classes this fall.
We met at the doors one last time for a peek inside the grand old lady.  We wandered her halls and then walked across the north parking lot to walk through the state-of-the-art new facility. The new school was a wonder to behold.

They had dismantled the glass case holding the Lancer armor, to ready it for moving to the new location. He looked a bit forlorn standing on a dolly, awaiting his fate like the brave, stoic symbol he stands for.

Next week, the interior of the old school will begin to be torn out, and later, in August, demolition of the outer shell will begin.  It was a day of mixed emotions for many of us.

Later in the afternoon, we came together at the Hampton Inn In Salt Lake City to celebrate the fact that we, the Class of 1963, survived to see and attend our 50th reunion.  We had expected to have 74.  We were thrilled when nearly 90 arrived to help us celebrate.  It was great to see so many familiar, wonderful faces. We were unable to get a formal reunion photo like they did in 2008. This was the class photo from the 45th reunion...

But we had loads of cameras, i-Pads, Notebooks, and cell phones in the house, and we will share the photos everyone took on this website in a week or so. We will update this site with new pics, more info, and we will let everyone know when the memory book from the 2013 50th reunion is available.

Frances Romney

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